United Future Lab Norway's core, hub and driving force, are smart and sustainable projects. We want all partners to always participate in at least one project. It can be small or large, and the lab is facilitator to help achieve successfull collaborations. Some of the projects may have private businesses in the driver's seat, while others may be initiated by academia or public services.

Filter on Sustainable Development Goals

Accessibility mapping

How do we best facilitate our communities and outdoor areas? The project is based on a survey of accessibility and universal design in the municipality of Ålesund.


DatCo is an innovation project that will test data-driven co-creation - methods and tools for sustainable innovation and societal development.

HELT MED - Completely in

The purpose of the project is for more people with developmental disabilities to get work in ordinary companies by creating jobs that are adapted to the needs of both employer and employee.

Twin Fjord

Twin Fjord uses the area in the municipalities of Stranda and Fjord as a laboratory to develop a tool for sustainable land management. Through simulation and visualization in a digital twin, the tool will help to see what impact changes in land-use have to say for the environment, society and the economy.

Libraries and sustainability in Møre and Romsdal

How can libraries contribute to more knowledge and understanding of the sustainability goals? The libraries in Sula, Sunndal, Hareid and Ålesund have joined forces in this work.

Car pool solution

Together with the municipality' parking company, the bank Sparebanken Møre and the energy companty TAFJORD, the municipality of Ålesund is in the process of a car sharing scheme. The supplier OTTO delivers the cars to the municipality, which will initially be used by employees before it can be used by the inhabitants as well.

SMART PLAN - planning through visualization and simulation

The goal of the project is to explore the possibilities within the world of visualisation and simulation.

Resorting plant for waste in the Ålesund region

​The project will decide whether the technology in post-sorting facilities is the way to go for waste companies in the region, by looking at cost, technology, climate benefit, market, how to scale facilities and waste composition.

Circular procurements in Sunnmøre

The project will investigate how circular procurement can be incorporated into the procurement strategy: The goal is to have a procurement strategy that actively deals with - and uses, circular economy.

E-teams: Let the games begin

E-teams is a project with focus on e-sports for school and leisure, in the first instance meant for children and young people in the age group 9-13 and 13-16 years.

Mobility hub - Ytterland

The company H.I. Giørtz Sønner AS collaborates with public and private actors on sustainable Park & Ride on Ytterland.

Will get better at making green purchases

The Municipalites of Ålesund and Kristiansund measure their climate footprint of municipal procurement, using a new method. The goal is to help municipalities to become better at making green purchases.

Marine base maps

Marine base maps in the coastal zone, are ment to contribute to the sustainable development of Norway’s coastal communities, and to the strengthening of the marine and maritime industries.

Smart Water

The project will develop a system for monitoring, modeling and simulation of water and sewage systems.

Research project on student practice

How to make higher education more relevant to working life? A three-year project will explore new variants of practice for students. The project has received NOK 5 million from the Directorate for Internationalization and Quality Development in Higher Education (DIKU).

Sunnmore Penitentiary and Competence Center

For a while, there has been a need for an increased capacity for prison penance at Møre og Romsdal, especially at Sunnmøre.

ATEA – share your data

Atea has set up a data sharing platform for partners in United Future Lab. In short, a digital platform is a technical solution tailored to collect, store and process data you collect - a bit like an online bank, just for data.

Life and how to live it

The project is a collaboration to develop and implement preventive measures in kindergarten and school that will strengthen children and young people's mental health.

ENDED: Digerneset Innovation

​Digerneset Innovation aims to make Digerneset Næringspark (Digerneset business park) a hub in the region, and at the same time contribute to an emission-free transport sector.

ENDED: Finding a Method for Sustainability

Sparebanken Møre has provided support for a project to develop a program specifically aimed at practical cooperation between the public sector and private business. The goal is to create sustainable cities and communities.

ENDED: Elderlies and video communications

The project wanted to build and share knowledge about welfare technology through co-creation between users, the public sector, academia and other social actors. It was based on how older people approach video communication and whether they prefer to use a PC, mobile or tablet when using technology.

ENDED: A Smart Circular City handles waste

The project arose because of Ålesund municipality's needs to get an overview of today's solid waste volumes and what can expected of the volume in years to come .