Livet & Sånn (Life and how to live it) aims to develop and implement universal preventive measures in kindergartens and primary and lower secondary schools. The measures will be implemented as training in public health and life skills for children and young people, parenting course evenings and staff courses at all kindergartens and scholars in the municipalities.

The measures are coordinated with other universal preventive measures for children and young people's mental health, and are presented in a plan. Through the Norwegian Directorate's Health'sProgram for public health in the municipalities, PPT (educational psychological service) in the municipality of Ålesund has started the interdisciplinary project Livet & Sånn with support from Møre and Romsdal county municipality. This is free training material for public health and life skills, available to all schools in the country through the website

This is not just a training material for use with students. This is just as much training for the adults around them.

In order to create good schemes for children and adults, Livet & Sånn works interdisciplinary and in close dialogue with those who will benefit from what we create. A child welfare educator is employed as project leader in a full-time position,  in addition to other professionals:For example, a health nurse, special educator, teacher or others. The project also works closely with several of the psychologists in the municipality.

Pupils and teachers agree that small films with associated collaborative tasks are the most important learning resource from the project. These films are produced in collaboration with professionals in and outside the municipality, depending on what is to be disseminated.

Please visit the project's You Tube - Channel to see the movies.


For each of the initiative areas to be developed, Livet & Sånn uses pilot schools or pilot kindergartens for a year, before new material is posted on the website. In this way, schemes are thoroughly tested in the relevant target group and important adjustments are made. The project uses focus group interviews and digital quantitative surveys to get as much feedback as possible from students and teachers to help make the material the best possible.

The website is also an important part of the working method. This will be useful directly with the pupils in the teaching, and the pupils and parents have the opportunity to see the same at home as at school. All material is open to everyone. By continuously sharing with everyone else, the project also gets good tips and advice back, something that contributes to Livet & Sånn continously developing the best way.


In addition to internal and external collaboration in the development, Livet & Sånn collaborates with various R&D environments throughout the project period.

In the first instance, Volda University College has joined to research the project. They will focus on the oldest pupils in primary school, and interview them, their parents and teachers about the project and how this meets the needs the target groups feel in everyday life related to public health and how to master life.

Through this project, Ålesund Municipality works collectively, systematically, purposefully and interdisciplinary to ensure knowledge of relevant topics for mental health in a large target group. There are teachers and kindergarten teachers who have the opportunity to talk to children and young people continuously over time about public health and life skills. These groups usually do not have an education in a subject area that provides knowledge about mental health. It is therefore a wish from teachers to get help to develop good training sessions they can have with the students. They also want skills development to ensure a basic understanding before they teach the students. By using professionals with high and varied competence in mental health, children/young people and pedagogy to design the material, teachers can feel confident in the material they use with the students. And students can learn a lot they would not have access to at a young age, and over time.


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